Lotus Spiritualist College


In private sittings our relatives, friends and helpers in the spirit world are able to make contact via the medium.  With their help, it is possible through mediumistic counselling to work effectively on resolving problems.
The existence of the appropriate conditions is essential for successful communication with the spirit world.  The most important of these conditions is that a person in the spirit world is available and willing to communicate with us.  One of the greatest misperceptions is that spiritualist mediums “wake the dead”.  It is more often the case that our loved ones in the spirit world go to great efforts to attract our attention, so that they can continue to help us with advice and guidance.  They make contact of their own free will, without being summoned or commanded to do so.  Once the identity of the communicating spirit has been satisfactorily established, personal messages and advice can be exchanged.  If requested, private sittings can be recorded on an audio cassette.
Appointments: Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, by prior appointment only.
If you are interested in having a private sitting, please send us an Email under: